L&S Deliveries

LNS Artisanal Meats

L&S Artisan Meats Delivery Locations:

Cotacachi Pickup:

Every week on Thursday at the Cotacachi Farmers Market at the L&S Artisanal Meat stand. In the parking lot behind the Paseo San Francisco at San Francisco square from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.

Cotacachi Farmers Market | Feria de Productores
Cotacachi Deliveries:

  • San Miguel – Fuera de las puertas – 12: 00-12: 30
  • Sisa Pacha / Tierra Firme – Sisa Pacha first. 12:35 – 1:20
  • Yanapamba – Fuera de la puerta principal – 1:30
  • El Encanto – En la puerta principal – 2:00
  • Rumy Tola / La Calera2: 45-3: 00

Quito Deliveries:

Please sign up to the L&S Quito email list to receive notice of when we will be making Quito deliveries. L&S delivers to Quito at least once a month at the following locations.

  • Monteserrin – On the patio of Luccio’s Pizzeria, corner of De Las Alondras and Julio Arellano
  • Barrio La Floresta – Café Rio Intag – Valladolid y Vizcaya en Cine 8 1/2 ocho y media
  • Canal 4/Granda Centeno – Outside the “New Youth World Office” Sancho de la Carrera N37-68
  • Quito Tenis – At the corner of Los Cabildos and De las Almondedas
  • Cumbaya/Tumbaco Valley – Outside the conjunto “Cumbres Del Valle” at the corner of Av. Siena and Interoceanica in La Primavera. Across the street from la Scala shopping (between Cumbaya and Tumbaco)
  • Tumbaco – Outside the entrance of the Santa Maria parking lot, and the corner of Francisco Orellana and Pje Ruminahui

Cuenca Deliveries:

Every other Tuesday. Delivery to your home and pick up are available. Please sign up for the L&S Artisanal Meats mailing list or email us at mrsmeat@lnsartisanmeats.com

Manta, Mindo, Puerto Lopez, Banos, Santo Domingo Deliveries:

Deliveries upon request. Please contact L&S Artisanal Meats for more information at mrsmeat@lnsartisanmeats.com